Younix aide les propriétaires de salle de sport à donner vie à leurs idées et à transformer leur entreprise grâce à des conseils d'experts, des produits de qualité, ainsi qu'un soutien et une formation continus.

Développement des filières énergétiques

In our line of work we see all types of gyms all over the world and it strikes us that even in this day and age when high quality information on training systems is so readily available, there are still countless facilities whose coaches and staff don’t understand how the human body and its energy systems are developed, maintained and enhanced.

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Trois décisions illogiques que prennent les propriétaires de salles de sport

When you are building a profitable and sustainable fitness business you need to know why you make the choices you do. Today everybody is copying each other in our industry and the majority is blindly following the trends. It is rarely for someone to look outside to see also what other successful businesses in other service industries are doing.

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Pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas de saison creuse en sport ?

Professional athletes are used to train in cycles. For some, a training cycle could last up to 4 years, leading up to the Olympic Games. For some, it may be three-month blocks, which corresponds to the competitive season. We break down training cycles into mesocycles and microcycles to help us with the periodisation of training.

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